The R22 Phase Out and What You Need To Know About It

The R22 Phase Out and What You Need To Know About It

As you should be well-aware, 2015 has seen the introduction of legislation that outlaws the servicing, maintenance and purchasing of air conditioning systems that use the R22 refrigerant. Having advised many businesses and contractors regarding their next steps in response to the ban, we at Rapid Climate found it useful to create a simple visual guide to everything you need to know about R22.

2015 has seen the beginning of legislation that criminalises the purchasing, servicing and maintenance of air conditioning systems that use the R22 refrigerant. In this article we outline what it may mean to you and the steps you may need to take.

What Happened?

This year the Montreal Protocol banned the supply of R22 refrigerant in order to prevent damage further effect on the ozone layer and environment that the use of the gas caused. Therefore if you currently use systems that require the use of R22 gas, you must stop using them. This also means that your system cannot be repaired or maintained.

Your Options

Option 1: Alternative Refrigerant

  • Manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t cover this
  • There is a higher risk of system failure
  • The operating costs will be higher
  • This can only be a short term solution


Option 2: Replace the indoor/outdoor units

  • There are a variety of R410a replacement systems available to you
  • The operating costs are lower
  • It will reduce disruption for building tenants
  • It’s more cost effective than installing new ones

Option 3: Replace the entire system

  • This ensures you have the most recent technology
  • Has the lowest of operating costs
  • Has the lowest CO2 emission rate
  • There are 3-5 year warranty options


Please go to the rapid climate bog for further detailed information.

Our New Website Goes Live

Our New Website Goes Live

BM AIR has been trading for over 15 years providing expertise and a range of specialist services including: air conditioning, heating and ventilation. The company has been in need of a modern makeover to their website in order to inform their existing and future clients of their services in a simple and updated way.

We are extremely pleased to announce that our website has now been developed so we can inform, engage and support our clients more directly.

Square Daisy, a local web development company worked with us to establish a vision, budget and structure that we found realistic and very helpful.

The brief included some obvious elements such as allowing clients to see what we offered in terms of services as well as giving further information on who we are, but Square Daisy included a few additional elements such as an updated news feed which allows us to publish useful guides and tips as well as news within the industry. We also now have a F&Q section in order to give visitors more assurance in their confidence in our expertise.

Jovan Maric, MD of Square Daisy said:

“We really enjoyed working with BM AIR on this project as domestic and commercial air conditioning services is certainly something that the majority of us desire information and guidance about , so we really looked at this from the perspective of a user of these types of sources, obviously with us being a business with premises we were able to apply that perspective to the project too. One thing we wanted to give clients was information to help them be as vigilant as possible, essentially helping BM AIR become a trusted advisor in the realm of air conditioning and developing a relationship with existing and potential customers. Another key thing was the need for the site to be responsive, meaning that the experience that any user receives whether looking at the site on a mobile phone or a 27” screen was the same with no degradation of browsing experience or navigation. We’re delighted how the site has turned out and have enjoyed every minute of working with BM AIR.”

Alec Fisher, MD of BM AIR followed up by saying:

“We found working with Square Daisy easy and are delighted with the outcome of the project. We are not experienced with websites or web development so to have an agency walk us through the options was a real help. We can’t wait for our clients to start to use the site and publish more information for people to use”.

So come and see us at and let us know what you think!

5 Myths About Air Conditioning

5 Myths About Air Conditioning

Advice about your air conditioning is usually based around myths. Therefore, we’ve stated the facts and busted these common myths that you probably have heard a million times.

Myth: Air conditioning can cause colds and dry your throat out.

Truth: Colds are caused by viruses and although low temperatures can make you more vulnerable to illness, air conditioning doesn’t cause the cold. The virus does.

Myth: Maintenance is expensive and unnecessary

Truth: Routine maintenance has been proven to save you money. Air conditioning can lose its efficiency by 5 % every year it goes without service. Small issues such as dirty filters and low-refrigerant levels can escalate and cause long-term serious problems. It’s best to have a routine maintenance schedule like BM AIR’s annual or bi-annual packages.

Myth: It’s bad for the environment

Truth: It’s not bad and it could actually increase efficiency. Most air conditioning systems are at least A rated now due to the minimal usage of eco-unfriendly refrigerants. Wide HVAC systems can reduce carbon emissions for businesses. They can even be better for the environment than fans and heaters in smaller spaces.

Myth: Can’t be used as a heater

Truth: Actually, it can.

Myth: The bigger the better

Truth: Size does matter. However, so do lots of other factors! An air conditioner needs to be selected to suit your home. Factors that also need consideration include: insulations, windows and roof characteristics.